OGtrade offers excellent trading conditions along with a variety of account types, superior trading tools, a professional support team 24/5 and online education. All of these advantages and more will help you maximize your risk management.

When you join OGtrade you’ll get access to the best trading conditions and will be able to choose from a number of different accounts, depending on your needs. We don’t think that a Forex broker should ascribe to a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy.


Excellent trading conditions:

Spreads: You can decide between fixed or variable spreads (ECN Account).

Leverage: Up to 1:300.

Wide variety of trading instruments: You can decide between fixed or variable spreads (ECN Account).

Guaranteed stop-loss: Stay safe by never going into debt, with a guaranteed stop-loss our customers can never loose more than their original investment.


Choose your type of account:


Trading tools:

A Variety of tools are available for members at OGtrade such as market news streams, live quotes, statistical charts, economical calendars, and a currency converter. We also offer tracking stock market trends and free signals from leading analysts.


Trading Solution


MetaTrader 4:

OGtrade offers the MetaTrader 4 platform, which is famously used throughout the world and known for its simple layout and advanced tools. MT4 is compatible with both Mac and PC computers as well as a variety of mobile devices (iPhone or Android).

OGtrade receive quotes from leading financial institutions and streams them instantly to your platform (mt4). With the winning combination of OGtrade and the MT4 you’ll find the best quotes and lowest spreads available anywhere on the market.

Fast execution: We guarantee quick execution without any delays in quotes.

True ECN solution: An Electronic Communication Network connection to more than 120 partner banks for instant execution.


What else do we offer?

Account Manager: Every customer has a personal account manager educated in the financial markets, ready to assist you.

Customer support: Feel free to contact us anytime via email, fax or over the phone, our friendly support representatives will get back to you as soon as possible as our support team works 24/6.

Education: Training materials including e-books, webinars, news items, articles, and videos will help your trade with more confidence.

Demo accounts: Are a great place to test out a platform and gain confidence. The demo account presents live feeds as a real account does, yet on the demo account the funds are not real, allowing you to get to know the platform with no risk what so ever.

Coming soon- Video Courses: Learn about the financial markets and Forex trading the easy way, with our engaging video wearies that takes you though the steps you need to be successful in, from basic trading to technical analysis.