• Forex Glosssary

    Here at OGtrade we feel that it’s important for you to understand some basic Forex terminology before you start trading with real money. The terms explained below represent core ideas and techniques that Forex traders utilize every day.

  • Forex Articles

    Becoming a successful Forex trader doesn’t happen overnight. As you start trading you’ll learn that you need to follow some simple rules in order to be the best trader you can be. Thought your trading experience the professionals at OGtrade are always just an email or call away.

  • Free Demo Account

    Are a great place to test out a platform and gain confidence. The demo account presents live feeds as a real account does, yet on the demo account the funds are not real, allowing you to get to know the platform with no risk what so ever.

  • Webinars

    Webinars are a great way to learn and develop your trading skills. Our webinars are led by professional traders, with years of trading experience.

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    Get more information about the Market. Watch our videos